Spring Patterns 1 Cassette Is Now Available To Pre-order

Pre-order the cassette here: https://helloflora.bandcamp.com/album/spring-patterns-1.

Spring in British Columbia is one of my favourite times of year; always inspiring and incredibly fleeting. After a long and cloudy winter, the blooming flowers are a welcome addition to my daily routine. This collection of loops is meant to evoke the feeling of spring, but however you choose to utilize this music is up to you. 

Spring Patterns 1 was recorded on April 2, 2018, at my home studio in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. The loops you’re hearing on this tape were created with my Gibson SG guitar, running through a Space Echo pedal, a Loop Station, and finally a CS-1 compression pedal.  Pattern 8 also features piano sounds from the Una Corda VST.

Spring Patterns 1 (FL-05) is FLORA's first cassette release, and first physical release from Jamison Isaak. This tape contains 47 minutes of blissful loops, recorded on one spring day, in Isaak's home studio located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. The transparent-Pink tape, manufactured in Toronto, ON, features artwork designed by Jamison Isaak. Limited to 50 copies.

Thank you for listening.